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Nov 11, 2009
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OK, I have this kit that has the crushed grape skin pack and the directions calls squeezing out the pack b4 removing it.

My plan is to just use my hands to squeeze the grape pack. Question is, can I safely use the sodium methasulphite solution to sanitize my hands before doing so?
yeah. Most of the time i was my hands really well and then dunk them in some sanitizer solution.
I am using Star San sanitizer and I just make sure my hands get a dip in the solution.
NO problem.. Let us know how it comes out..
Thanks, I had visions of my hands turning green but now they'll just be purple.

Gonna re use the pack in a forgotten cheap costco merlot. I'll update later with the results.
I keep a spray bottle with Alcohol close. and spray the stuff every where alot. its cheep and I handle fumes ok but sulfate fumes kick my but

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