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Mar 13, 2008
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Hello All, Serena from Toronto here.

I have been making Mead and wine for several years now. Never before have I had a problem with clearing. I made a maple mead (my favorite) last fall, and for the first time ever, it has not cleared. I have made several attempts to clear it, but to no avail. Does anyone know of a foolproof method of clearing mead?

Thanks so much if you do, and offer me that advice.

In the Mead,
welcome Serena. Unfortunately theres no "fool proof" method that I know of, but I'm sure you can find some tips on this forum and through a search engine like Google or yahoo...good luck!

Perhaps you can explain a little about the recipe, and procedure. Especially about your attempts to clear.

It's tough to help without any info.

Hi Serena,

Last year I made a batch of mead that took 7 months to finish fermentation, and then it cleared shortly after that.. Mead will generally take quite a bit of time to clear because the sugars in honey are hard for the yeast to break down. One of the keys to making this a shorter process is to add alot of yeast nutrients to the batch at the start of fermentation. But, in my experience, mead still will take 3-5 months to finish - even with the addition of nutrients.
Hello serena

I must agree with Kevinski.
Mead does indeed seem to take forever to clear.
I have found that if you put it in a cool location it helps as the denser particles will settle to the bottom faster or the alcohol will rise to the top when cool. when sediment forms on the bottom of the vessel racking is much easier as well. Don't expect it to clear for several months, but it is worth the wait.
Good luck