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Sep 13, 2009
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So I have been sitting here for a few minutes thinking about what the heck to say or what people might want to know... and I had a "scrubs moment" :d

I started thinking about what pro wrestler intro music would be fitting (is that stuff even on tv anymore?)... but then I realized that it would be unnecessary and then I would just get chastised for my musical selections... so yea... anyways... Here's the generic crap about me that I doubt anyone will find interesting anyhow, but I will pretend you care and humor myself. :D

I am a 20ish-something female from Western PA. I am a recent college grad so that means I am full of useless knowledge that I paid an unreasonable amount of money to retain... For instance, did you know that if you use nutmeg through an IV can be fatally poisonous or that grapes explode in the microwave? (ok so maybe the second one could be relevant here) :?

I do not enjoy long walks on the beach (we don't have any here anyhow) :ot:

I am a huge offender in overusing " "s and ...s

I am relatively new to the wine world and also new to the world of home ownership which means that now I get to concoct whatever I want to in the basement... (I.E. I get to play stupid when the boyfriend says things like "...uh, honey, didn't you only have two carboys yesterday?...")

I am blessed to have what we Appalachian Americans call a "canning kitchen", which has given me a reason to start this new hobby. I am by no means an expert but I look forward to learning new "shiznit" and sharing what little knowledge I have with anyone naive enough to take it ::

SOOOO... this is the part where I come back from my daydream and realize that I just did something embarrassing and everyone has a "what the heck moment"...

So yea, cheers :b
Welcome aboard Daisy, I can already tell you will fit right in our world. All of us are waiting to help you in your quest to be come an obsessed winemaker.
Tom, maybe we should leave her alone with the violin for a while before you tell her about the cello.:d
Welcome! You sound like my long lost, much younger twin sister! :) I really look forward to reading your posts :b
welcome, I was bummed to read you had a boyfriend. If it doesnt work out ...............never mind only been to PA once and didnt like it, your mountains are to small
your mountains are to small

small mountains aren't a problem. you just gotta find other things to appreciate, while you're there.;)

daisy> first off, welcome, second. the "shiznit" is just starting, it will turn to "pimp" knowledge that will inturn make "tight" wine for all your "peeps." next thing you know, your "peeps be wantin to come chill and pop some bottles all night." lol. embarrising will be when you wake up naked in the yard waking to your neighbor saying "HELLO! *starring and smiling*" rofl.

wine is fun. just try and hide some from everyone as it's hard to get any aged wine. also, experiment with different wines.
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Hi and welcome.
What a great intro! Hope we get to hear a lot more from you.
embarrising will be when you wake up naked in the yard waking to your neighbor saying "HELLO! *starring and smiling*" rofl.

Gee golly gosh, I hope not! My new neighbor is a bit odd. I caught the little old lady that lives next door LITERALLY hiding in the bushes watching me working in the yard... :n

I waved and giggled... and considered flashing her with our "little mountains" (ok, that's a lie... I mooned her). :<

I wanted to thank everyone for saying their hellos and wanna give a "shout out" to all my new peeps! I'm looking forward to learning new nifty tips and I'm sure this new hobby will be just swell with company like this :h

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