Greetings from Bristol uk!

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Nov 28, 2009
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Hi everyone! I'm looking forward to chatting with everyone about the fine art of brewing!

I first started brewing when I was 16, I 'borrowed' all my dads old equipment, I was too young for the pub/club, but not too young to buy yeast, sugar and the other basics!

It was hilarious! because i remember my parents saying to each other 'it wont last, he'll get bored!' a few weeks later, i had 42 pints of tom claxton bitter and six gallons of various wine all bubbling away in my adolescent bedroom - happy memories!

Anyway, Im older but not much wiser! and ive started to get back into my brewing now i have my own place! in addition, im building a website dedicated to my brewing (im unable to insert the address yet because of forum restrictions) Im a big fan of hedgerow wine and Olde English Ales and beers, so i hope to have some interesting conversations with other interested folks!

Anyway, thats me for now, catch you later!

Welcome you landed in a user friendly site.
Now, What's fermenting now?
Hi and welcome. Always good to have another Brit here to keep me company. Lol. :b
Thanks for the welcome!

Hi guys

Thanks for the warm welcome, I look forward to posting random bits of brewing stuff! also thanks for looking at the website - its still a working progress, but like wine it should get better with time (that was a very cheesy line, sorry!)

Ive currently got a 1 Gallon (uk) Parsnip on the go, hopefully it will be ready for its first rack in the next few days!

Ill post some pics!


You wont be able to post pics until you have 10 posts due to anti spam settings, sorry!
10 posts!


I suppose I better get posting then! are jokes allowed? (hehe :))