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Sep 30, 2007
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I am bottling wine for the first time ever. when i started today I noticed some white and geen film around the stopper in the carboy and around the edges of the area exposed to the air (between wine and stopper) inside the carboy (1/2 inch). Not sure what this is or if i should be concerned.

Wine smells good and tastes good. Again not sure if i should be concerned.

thanks for your input
When a wine ferments there will be some foam.

Part of the foam may settle as residue on the glass of the carboy.
White is normal any other color may point to ingredients
in the must.

As long as you have sulphited the wine and the wine
was not exposed to air (inside the carboy you will
normally have a CO2 environment) this should not be
a problem.

If the wine was exposed to air, and not sulphited,
bacteria or fungi may start to grow a mold. Evry bit of
air contains bacteria and fuingi nad may spoil your wine.

If you are not convinced about this please
read my web-log entry about dandelions this year.

But this is different as there is already alcohol formed
which also acts as a preservative.

I would not worry to much about it.