Glyphosate damaged cordons

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Mar 18, 2012
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Fargo, ND
Looking for a little advice. My petite pearl got hit with roundup last summer from aerial spraying nearby. Most of my vines have recovered well. But some of my PP is showing residual glyphosate damage on this year's bids from the affected cordons. I have a little more growth now than this picture. The shoot coming out of the ground looks much healthier and I plan to replace the trunks and cordons if they don't recover well this year.


1: will these cordons recover or are they permanently damaged?

2: will the fruit that is there ripen or should I remove it?

ImageUploadedByWine Making1497290198.470463.jpg

ImageUploadedByWine Making1497290215.866526.jpg

ImageUploadedByWine Making1497290229.965954.jpg
Has the Pyralid residue you had at the beginning finally broke down?

I think so. I have not seen deformed growth of my vines. I know, and saw, this glyphosate damage when it was being done. However, after 5 years many of my vines are still only coming out of the ground. There are a lot of complicating factors that may be the cause. But if they were not deformed, I don't think the problem was chlopyralid.
How does that work in row crop áreas? Does the applicator have culpability? Can you get recompense? American ag is horribly polluted.

So difficult to prove anything even when I saw the tractor. There was also a plane spraying that I didn't see. And big ag corn, soybeans and wheat rule everything. It's actually quite difficult even to file a complaint. I have to find the applicator and give them a certified letter within 10 days of the spraying. Sometimes you don't see the damage for a week or so.
I get damage every late spring/early summer, too. Usually, I get deformed leaves and stunted growth for 2 or 3 weeks, then the vines (muscadines) come out of it and start growing again. Last year I think the delay caused the vines to be unable to ripen the majority of the grapes. So, in October or November, I had to pick all the grapes and dispose of them. Bad enough not to get the grapes, but to have to pick them and not get them added insult to injury. Here's an example of what I'm looking at this year, and it's worse than ever. I don't think I had the dry, dead shoot tips last year.
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