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Feb 24, 2010
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I started a 23L full must kit of Gewurztraminer a couple weeks ago and the S.G. read 1.105... I double checked. Right out of the kit! It was a 23L kit so I went ahead and added a touch of water and got it down to 1.10, now its just about done fermenting and it tastes very alcoholic (which makes sense!). The S.G. is just a tad above 1.00 right now, is there anything I can do to calm this puppy down? I was thinking of topping up with water after racking and desgassing, just to cool it down. Anyone have any ideas? Am I just being paranoid, or is just the fact that the other flavors haven't come out to mask it yet?
Do you mind telling us which "full must kit"?

Thanks, Steve
Im guessing that kit was designed to start off with that high sg and finish off sweet. Other then that it could have been a bad kit where the manufacturing process was screwed up and it never got diluted and Ive seen this before with a few manufacturers including W.E., Mosti, and RJS, so it really isnt a big fluke. As far as what to do at this point, maybe make another batch like a cheap one which is usually very thin and kow alc and after fermented dry blend them together or make a fruit wine and blend it. If you buy stuff like this through a place like FineVineWines as soon as you got that high starting sg you could have called George(the Owner there) and he would have replaced that kit!
Well I racked it over and degassed and everything today. Much nicer taste, still quite alcoholic but not over the top. I topped off with 1L of water to help cool it off a bit. This really has a ton of flavors that still taste green, I'm looking forward to how this matures over time!