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Apr 10, 2007
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the purest frozen grape and fruit juices that i can find are relatively clear of additives, but they're pastuerized. can i use this? all my experience has been with fresh juices that i've pressed myself. any help is appreciated, especially if you can provide exact brand names. thanks.
Yes you can use this juice. Many use the Welches frozen juices and other brands to make wine. Just make sure there is no sorbate in the ingredient list.
Pasteurised is no problem at all.
Some fruits (like elderberry) even have to be boiled :eek:

I even made wine from Jam and that is heated fruit and sugar.

So go ahead, should be no problem like Smurfe said.

thanks boys, it's full steam ahead with the juice. local fresh fruit may be a premium this year, a very late freeze in my part of oklahoma wiped out my modest grape vineyard and my vegetable garden (gonna replant the garden today), and it looks like the pecans are fubar'ed as well. one good side to the freeze though, i was able to buy 8 nice fruit trees at 75 percent off because the blooms had died off, they're not hurt a bit, just a bit shabby lookin', i've already got'em in the ground. i've planted 15 trees in the last couple of weeks, i'm gettin' tired of lookin' at that shovel.