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Jan 5, 2009
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Anyone have a source on fresh juice how-to instructions?

there are lots of easy recipes for fresh juice J,

Which juice are you using?

Fresh Juice is somewhat different than "kits" In order to help you we need to know what you are making.
If you're using fresh grape juice, it's pretty simple:

Make sure the Brix and TA readings are in the right range and adjust if necessary. Add the appropriate amount of yeast nutrient for the volume you are fermenting. Innoculate with yeast. Either ferment to dryness in primary or transfer to secondary around 1.020 or so. Stabilize after fermentation is complete. Cold stabilize to precipitate tartrate crystals. Fine and/or filter if desired.

The only major difference between using fresh juice and kits is that you need to be able to determine the proper additives to use, when to do so and what quantity is necessary to achieve the results you're after. It's pretty simple, but you do have to have a pretty solid understanding of the winemaking process.
Thanks all,

I'm not sure which juice I'll try. I need to get a list of equipment/additives together that I would need during this process... acid, acid test, sugar, etc. I need to call the supplier (Corrado's) to see what juices the have. Maybe a Cab Sauv and/or a Pinot Nior. Also need a proper yeast, nutrients and such. Oak as well I suppose. Just trying to collect as much info before I give juice a try.

Thanks again,
If its Corrado's in NJ just call them. You did not say that you made wine before so i'm thinking you have no equipment.
One thing, make sure you have all the equipment and chemicals before you start your wine.
Tom... I made a couple WE kits. They came out better than I expected. I wanted to try juice for the challenge and maybe the authenticity. I have everything necessary to make kits. Just researching what I might be missing when it comes to straight juice. That is equipment and knowledge. Any help is greatly appreciated.

The only thing is make sure you have the yeast and chemicals. K-meta, Sorbate, clairifier.
Let us know what kind of juice. Does Crrado's sell Chilean juice?
If you are getting Chilean juice it is already "balenced". So, no need to do a TA test
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I'm calling them today. I'll find out what they have, make a choice and see what I might need (with your/the forum help). Thanks a ton.
Dont be surprised if the may be sold out. In September they should have CA juice available.
Let us know what you get
I started last weekend 12 6-gallon buckets of Chilean juice.
The Carmenere and Malbec if real good
Just called Corrado's. The juices are balanced and sulfited. Basically the sound like a kit.
Just add the yeast. Which yeast depends on what juice you are making. For the ones you mentiond I would use Lalvin RC-212.
Note; after adding the yeast lay the lid off center on top of the bucket or "what a mess"
Is there a list of which yeasts are more suitable than others for certain juices?
That would work fine. The lids that come on the bucket once opened dont always seal up. Leave the lid adjar for a few days. Transfer when gravity is 1.010-1.020.
I would add some nutrient to help the yeast.
Some of the juice you may get have already started fermenting. Thats the "wild" yeast. Depending on how far gone it is adding yeast may not do anything. Get a gravity and let us know what it it. Most of the juice I got is in the 1.090 range for my reds

thanks again,

I might head up there this weekend... I guess all I'll need is the appropriate oak, and clarifying agents... Any suggestions on what else I should keep on hand... I'd like to get a list together just to be able to get everything I need in one trip...
Yes. Thats a clairifier and can be added in the primary which will help later on the fermentation.

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