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Oct 18, 2009
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OK - I just finished my peach wine and using the Pearson Square fotified with vodka - by the way, DONT use peach flavored vodka or any other flavor - Naaaasty. Good thing I didn't know 80 proof meant 40% alcohol so on the second trip to the liquor store I got plain vodka - the cheap stuff. I'm reading there are several types of vodka - wheat, barley, potato, grape and something else I'm not remembering right now.

Question is - anyone have any experience in using whatever type of vodka named above and how did it affect the taste. My wine knocks your head off the first sip but mellows out by the third. Maybe I'm just building up an immunity. I'll drink it anyway.

New rule for vintners - only give away 1/4 of your stuff - otherwise it defeats the purpose.
Mostly Vodkas are a neutral meaning that there really isnt much tate and the better stuff will have less taste compared to a cheap one cause it was filtered better and the distillation process was better monitored and because they charge more they can eliminate more byproducts of distillation that most only remove a percntage of. That being said each different kind will have a very mild difference but mixing at the ratio we are using you shouldnt taste any of it.

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