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Jul 17, 2009
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Started my first attempt at wine making last weekend
Using rasberries I got everything going good. 1 gallon batch in a 5 gallon primary fermenter.
Everything seemed to be doing good. Bubbles were coming up through the airlock slowly at first, then on day 3 and 4 things really picked up. However now it seems that nothing is happening, as in no more bubbles?
I've been stirring the must every other day and I could smell the fermentation when the lid was off. I know things should settle down after awhile but I didn't think they should stop this soon.
Any help would be appreciated
First visual signs of fermentation are very unreliable. You've had a strong ferment, so much of the sugar is used up, so not much CO2 being generated, thus no movement in the air lock. Personally, I don't use an air lock on my primaries.

The best way to check fermentation is with a hydrometer. The specific gravity lets you know what is happening.

Welcome aboard. Sounds like it is time to move it to a carboy.
Thanks for the speedy replies. I plan on checking the SG this weekend. I was told to keep it in the primary fermenter for 2 weeks. However If the fermentation is slowing can/should I move it to the secondary fermenter?
If the sg is below 1.010 (actually I prefer below 1.005), then it can/should be moved to a carboy.

I measured the SG today and got a reading a little over .99 this is the first time I've ever done this but I didn't think it could be that low. I know temperature can have an effect on the reading but the must is at romm temperature (65-70 or so).
Is it common to see SG readings under 1.00?
Almost all of my wines have finished at .990. Pear ended at 1.002. My blueberry read .992 this morning after only 2 weeks in the secondary. I racked it off the lees and left in the cellar.
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thanks I posted before I researched
I just looked it up on the internet and see now that juice has a lower SG than water so everything makes sense now
I'll be racking into the secondary fermenter tomorrow
wish me luck, I hope I dont screw it up now
I usually move out of the primary on day 5 give or take. I go by the SG and rack at anything below 1.030. It is an arbitrary number. One book I read said at 1.040 and another at 1.020. ?? For instance Strawberry needs to be moved early after 4 days max as the flavor will change for the worse. (per Luc). Not one to go against Luc's advice.
Oh and good luck!!

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