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Jan 4, 2009
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:confused:Hi All,
It's been 5 full days since we started our 1st batch, so I wanted to test the S.G.
The K-Meta solution we made 5 days ago has no sulphur smell whatever, (tried 3 different people to sniff it). Is it still good? Last Saturday I put 2 oz. in 1 gal. of water & kept the top of the bottle screwed on.
The "fizzing" is still ocurring in the primary fermenter, but very slowly.
I did douse the wine thief & hydrometer in the questionable K-Meta solution & tested the S.G.
It came out 1.004.
This tells me it's time to rack into secondary, but I don't want to do it unless I know I'm REALLY sanitizing the carboy, siphon, etc.
Any thoughts?
I'll have to check this thread tonight for any input. Been up for 17 hrs. now & it's bedtime!
Thanks, in advance.
Jim of Jim & Jan
That is the right ratio, soemtimes it relly takes a few days for the smell to come around of the sulfite. when you first mix it up there is almost no smell but after a week or two it will take your breath away and knock you on the floor.
Jim, hopefully it'll work out as planned and it'll be the wine itself that knocks you to the floor!!:D:)
Thanks for some encouraging words.
My wife picked up more K-Meta & we made a second gallon of sanitizer to be safe.
Cleaned & sanitized everything necessary, then racked the wine into 6 Gal. glass carboy.
S.G. was 1.002 & temp was 76 degrees.
Airlock releasing a bubble every 1-2 seconds.
Will keep smelling the K-Meta solutions. I expected the smell to be strong.
Jim & Jan