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Oct 1, 2009
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Just getting ready to transfer to secondary,had a taste a little sweet but good.Still a little ferm. going on.Man Patience is tough.I better start another batch....Upper
Somehow the cure for patience is to get another going right away. What are you thinking about whipping up next?
I got nothing to whip but the whip.Looks like another batch of Eldo.Upper
You're hooked now may as well do something, as Tom would say, "outside of the box". As I quess you know wine can be made from damn near anything.

What kind of fruit do you have access to,or whats the buy of the week in the fruit isle? Most, I said most, fruit wines you are looking around 4# or so per gallon.

Pick a fruit, we want you to become obsessed, and we'll help you!:)

Right now I have some late peaches,Pomogranates,Muscats and maybe some Apples.And Eldos till the Bears get them........Upper
Then brew on buddy! Some good recipes in this forum, pick a fruit or a combo, look at the recipes and check back in. You can never have to much brewing.

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