Fermenting Blackberry Wine

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Jul 30, 2010
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Am making some blackberry country wine. Using triple crown berries about 4 1/2 pounds per gal. Just making a couple gal wine. Adding 3 pounds of sugar to each gal.

I put the berries in the fermenting bucket and letting it go with natural yeast. Day times it is 82 night it is 76 degrees. How long should I leave it in the bucket before adding sugar and putting into the jug with gas valve to finish fermenting? I was thinking 5 days in the bucket is that good?

Blackberry Fermentation

Have you tested S.G.? Also, search this site for primary fermentation. Good Luck.
Don't have a tester. Am just getting started. Does the SG tell you when to go to the next stage?
yes, keepit, the hydrometer will tell u when the yeast has fermented the fruit to "dry", less than 1.000.
there are others here more experienced, but i put my sugar in right after the fruit and other additives, to a s.g. of 1.085 ish...my recent blackberry and raspberry i got to 1.082 with my sugar additions. if u don't use the hydrometer to tell u when to stop, you might add too much sugar and have too high alcohol at the end and no taste. fruit varies from year to year and sugar content can vary...
just some thoughts.