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Nov 25, 2012
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West MI
Hi Everyone. I want to upgrade my fermenters. Currently using plastic pails, I make wine from kits and juice buckets as well as Skeeter Pee and Dragon's Blood. I tend to double up and make 10-12 gallon batches and want 2 larger capacity fermeners. Everything is on the table from the humble 20 gallon Brute to 14 gal conical stainless. Right now I'm leaning toward the 15.9 gal Speidel HDPE. It seems light, sturdy, easy to move and clean. I'm not sure if it offers much over a Brute. I like the conical bottom of the stainless but am concerned about the weight and ease of cleaning. Especially in the middle of a cold Michigan winter, I can't just drag it outside, lay it on the grass and spray it out. Any help would be appreciated.

I have a 55 gallon SS, two 31 gallon Spiedels and 4 1/2 ton macrobins and Brutes. A full on fermentaholic. Can't beat the Brute for the value. The 20 for small jobs and a 44 for the bigger, in white ordered from Home Depot.
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I have the Speidel tanks. Love them, easy to reach in and clean and very durable, last for many years with proper care.
Thanks guys. Are the spigots on the speidel tanks useful for transfers or do you still find it necessary to use racking canes?
I've never used them. For them to be effective for gravity racking you need to be able to flow into something that would sit below it. 31 gallon X 8 = around 250 pounds up 4 feet in the air.

Seen here cold fermenting Chardonnay.
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