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Feb 16, 2010
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I am brand new to wine making

I have started a batch of blueberry fron Vinters Harvest, but I forgot to "activate" the yeast(Lalvin RC 212) before I put it in the juice

After 5 days I could not see any signs of fermrntation, so I activated(warm water according to directions on the package) another pack of yeast and added to the juice

That was 3 days ago and I still do not see any sign of fermentation

What do I do now???
what is the temperature of the juice?

It is generally not necessary to activate the yeast this way....just pitching it like you did is generally enough.

How are you covering the juice? with the lid snapped down or loosely covering the primary?
Have you checked the gravity? What was it before adding the yeast What is it now? Did you add water and sugar?
We need more info step by step

Do you have a hydrometer? Visual signs of fermentation can be misleading. Testing the specific gravity is the best way to watch fermentation.

How much sulfite did you use to stun the wild yeasts? Yiou didnt use anu=ything that had sorbate or benzoate in it did you?
I followed the directions on the label of the blueberry juice
12 lbs sugar
yeast nutrient
bisulfite solution
4.5 gal of water
all in a sterilized bucket with a cloth over the top
stirred daily for 5 days
Specific gravity after 5 days was still 1.10

then I added the second (activated) pack of yeast and transfered juice to a carboy with a check valve in place

juice temperature is about 60 degrees F
Get yor temp UP in the 70's
Did you use 1 can?
How much sulfite did you add?
Way to much!
I would dump it from bucket to bucket to try th "flash" it out.
S/S 1 tsp MAX then wait 24 hrs uncovered (no airlock) then add yeast. Personally, I would not have added sulfite in this case before adding yeast.
I simply followed the instructions on the can of juice
that was the directions for mixing the sulfite solution
what is the purpose of sulfite???
is it necessary???
Sulphites are important at the begining to help kill off bad things like wild yeast, and spoilage bacteria. But too much will kill off your yeast that you want to have working for you.Splashing the must back and forth between buckets like Tom suggested can help get rid of some of the sulphites. Hopefully getting them low enough that more yeast added afterwards will be able to live and ferment the juice into wine for you.

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