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Sep 18, 2016
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This is my second attempt at making wine. The first attempt went as I read it probably would and is bulk aging. This time I started with 75 lbs of grapes and the original specific gravity was 1.068. I added sugar to bring the sg to 1.088. Added five crushed Campden and made a yeast starter. Montrachet. Pitched yeast 24 hours later. Two days after pitching yeast sg was 1.038. Four days after, sg is .996. I pressed the grapes and siphoned to carboy this afternoon. Should I have used more sulfides at this point, I haven't seen the airlock bubble yet in three hours. Is it through fermenting? Should I have a bung instead of airlock on if so. Will check Sg tomorrow. Tempruature was about 75 while fermenting.

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