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Mar 1, 2009
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Instead of making a simple syrup to sweeten my Niagara and Cranberry could i just pick up another gallon of Niagara juice and simmer it down? How much sugar do I add to it, 2/1 just like a simple syrup? How will I know I simmered all of the water out of it? I just racked/degassed them and added kmeta. I will let them set for three months. At this point I planned on sorbating/kmeta them and than sweeten. After that I will let them set another three months to age and clear before I blend and bottle. Please advise. Does this order sound right? (three carboys, 12 gallons/Niagara & 6 gallon of cranberry).
I wouldnt add much sugar to it, just a little. I usually reduce the juice down by around 1/3rd. Then i also make up a simple surup cause you dont want to over sweten your juice then your wasting that if its too much. i make up a gallon of syrup and whatever I dont use I store in the fridge for next batch.