Elderberry wine from Juice.

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Oct 11, 2016
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Does anyone have a recipe for Elderberry wine made from juice? I have made the juice via steam juicer, but am not able to find a recipe that tells me how to make it this way. THANK YOU!!!!!
You really don't need a recipe. Bring sg up to 1.080 or close to it, make sure your ph is between 3.5 - 3.6. Add some nutrient, pitch your yeast.
How much juice did you get? With steamed you can go with 100% of your steamed juice or dilute it if you think its going to be to strong, I am against diluting personally with the steamed juice. We usually take the sg to like 1.095, add some oak in the primary and some later in the secondary. If you raise the sg with honey instead its even better. WVMJ
Elderberry wine

I have half gallon of fresh juice and several quarts that I canned with Agave nectar.
I've been drinking elderberry wine for over 40 years, i wished I'd paid attention to them old timers,
but you want it as good as it gets follow wvmountaineerjack.
that and one more must i know off, take 1/2 case to 2/3 case each time use Flor corks places then in a cool dark place now this part is to prove i now what i'm saying is take out only 1 bottle after a year and drink it same will go for yeasr2 thru ten, although i will admit year 8 is all bit divine, but i was raised on 10 year old vintage, a lot say elderberry is ok to fair some even say t sucks, but if you do as i said but only to prove to yourself,,, you because will never offer to share anything below 5 years cause the rest is divine, wvmountineerjack, go to him for elderberry advice from planting to fermenting , but you date every thing and step it from 1 year to 10 year, you wont go wrong, but remember to get only Flor corks they are the finest natural cork in the world they'll run better then $1.00 per cork, but buy them only for your elderberry only,
now I'll have to look it up they have a new synthetic cork that rates for 10 years or less, i an starting to use a few of them on my other country wines if they work out I'll
go to them except for wines i plan to keep corked ten years or longer as well, although i fell hidden in my cobwebbed brain that i thank i'm going to go with 100% Flor corks, after all it is in my last will and testament that i wish that my old ruff circle to after the moral people are gone to drink my wines and no glasses at all. pull the cork throw it as my rood dawgs dink till they pass out, although i wish my 2 oldest elderberry wines are placed in my coffin unopened and 1 peach/pear/crabapple blends that i blended all there together from day one, it *** my elderberries will be Flor cork and dipped into wine graded black wax, all capsule's are for my wake, all blck wax sealed in black wax goes to my nephew Samuel.. but remember i plan to hang on long enough to put a dent in some os my black waxed bottles, i made them and except what i wish buried with me 3 wax sealed bottle 2 elderberry and 1 bottle pear/apple/crab apples, all these will be blacked wax sealed,

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