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Feb 2, 2009
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Howdy. I remember reading here not too long ago about some folks dealing with a waxy film or deposits on their equipment when fermenting Elderberries. I can't seem to find that post. This is a very nasty sticky material. Hot water and detergent don't seem to touch it. Was there any good solutions (no pun intended) for removing it? Right now I only have my long handled paddle to deal with. But in a couple of days I will have to clean up my primary that also has a bung spicket. I would like to be ready to clean it off when it is empty. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated
Vegetable oil, I just had to do this this morning and soap and water will only smear it and make even more of a mess. Olive oil also works but is more expensive but if you have it handy instead f buying something it too works fine as I tried that also just to see.
Wade, Thank you very much. Before your reply, I had tried a half dozen different cleaners that the wife had under the sink. No joy. Thanks again.
Just sharing what Ive learned over the many years, full circle, love it!

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