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Oct 26, 2008
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I had a strange dream last night. SMURFE(yeah he was in it), decided to have a get together at a place called "Gream, Florida". No bull. He made all the arrangements and rented the whole campground and was expecting all of us to show up.

When I got there, in my dream, everyone in the forum was present, I never seen so many bottles of wine being passed around! LOL! Seen a couple wine making contraptions that had copper tubing attached. It was a fun dream, too bad I had to wake up. LOL

Laugh if you want, but there were hundreds of us members there. Motorhomes, motorcycles and Horses there too!.:?

I think, in my dream, SMURFE may have hit the lottery, but it was a great dream, he took care of everything! He even flew in Allie and her husband from NZ.

What a swell guy, that SMURFE!!LOL

Wsn't even gonna tell you all about this crazy dream but it was a real experience!!LOL

Guess what I get for contributing to the "This is Me" thread.

Make your own conclusions. But it was an interesting dream.


(maybe I shouldn't drink more than one gallon of wine per day!)
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Did you eat green eggs and ham before you went to bed? Upper
Actually the ham may have been a litle green, the egss were pickled, and so was I. Upper, don't feel bad, you were there too! Everytime someone talked you your response was, "Dig It" ROTFLMFAO now!!
Ka-hough.! Maybe not LOL. Meant to look up Gream Florida. I had a cat named Samarina, thought it was my own invention for a name. Looked it up a while later and found it is a Greek Island that is subnamed, "The island without cats". So laugh if you want, but where did that name come from?" I have absolutely never heard of this island before. Ka-Hough."

There was someone in my dream named "gaylord", or "gaylan" or something like that. I think we HAVE a member with a name similar to that. Ka-hough.

I'm not lying to you, it was a fun dream. I personally won't see the ground again for 6 months, so, I was glad to have a dream like that.

I should have never even told you this. Kah-hough!!LOL


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Troy may be suffering from the lack of sunlight. Only 17 more days to the solstice.
Yeah, thanks Brad, pitch dark by4 pm here. or maybybe, ka-hough. It could be the wine. LOL
My old man checked out 9 years ago on the winter soltice, maybe he's F-n with me
Negative! I do have a jar of some wild fungus I dehydrated, I accidently put them in a jar, and I accidentally wrapped it with tape. No, I didn't. And no I didn't. My purpose in this site is to pass along the knowledge I learn regarding wine making to those who ask. I may not be the smartest bloke in here, but what I learn, it is a pleasure to pass along.

I am too old to time travel anymore. I save what I collect from the forest only in case of an emergency.

I love my beans, but I make em myself, spam is something I used to eat, now it is something I try hard to keep off my computer and from my mind.

Though I admit, I kinda sorta like that nasty Sht
Me thinks YOU have CABIN FEVER !
And I wasn't there? :slp