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Mar 15, 2020
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Hi all,

I pitched yeast on my first juice bucket yesterday, but I do have experience making several kits per their instructions.

I was wondering if someone could just make sure I was using the fermcalc website appropriately for my YAN calculation.

Starting Brix- 22.6
Yeast- BM 4x4
Wine Type- Cab Sauv
Starting YAN- 80
Volume- 6gal

I rehydrated my yeast with Go Ferm Protect. I plan to use Fermaid K & O in 3 stages.

Stage 1- Fermaid O 50% of nitrogen needs = 21.3g (plan to add 24 hours after pitching yeast)
Stage 2- Fermaid K 25% of nitrogen needs = 10.6g (plan to add after 1/3 sugar depletion)
Stage 3- Fermaid O 25% of nitrogen needs = 10.6g (plan to add after 2/3 sugar depletion)

Does everything look correct as far as the gram addition at each stage? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Jun 16, 2014
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I don't normally use Fermcalc for YAN calculations, but the numbers I get with Fermcalc are a little different than yours. A must with an initial YAN of 80 is fairly low, so supplementing 75% of the nutrients with Fermaid O is probably not recommended. Most of the Lallemand data sheets for Fermaid O indicate dosage rates around 40g/hl or 1.5g/gal total. On the extreme end of the dosage range, my personal opinion would be to stay below 2.5g/gal of Fermaid O; the reason for this limit is that flavor can be affected by high doses of yeast products. You may want to consider using Fermaid K for the remainder of the nutrients. DAP can also be used in addition to the Fermaid products when initial YAN is below 125, but current trends and data sheets are rapidly changing and are suggesting to reduce DAP as much as possible. The latest data sheet (2020) from Lallemand doesn't show the use of Fermaid O with initial YAN below 125, so in your case they indicate the use of Fermaid A or K only.

I ran Fermcalc with your numbers as you initially requested, but again you may want to run Fermcalc again using just Fermaid K based on the Lallemand data sheet attached.

YAN 1.png

YAN 2.png


  • Fermaid O TDS 2020.pdf
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