additives for mead?

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Jul 4, 2023
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Pleasanton, CA
After what appears to be a successful plum wine project in July I want to make Mead. I actually plan to use Agave nectar rather than honey but seems like it is still basically a mead-type thing.

My questions is what additives are needed. I assume one doesn't use pectic enzyme or acid blend. I searched out some recipes and do see yeast nutrient (I have fermaid). But what about K-meta. There should not be any wild yeasts to suppress but is it still good practice to add K-meta 24 hours before yeast? Is pH an issue? Anything else I should add? Thanks.
You can probably treat agave nectar like honey, but there may be differences. Once you've diluted it, check pH.

Honey may be the "perfect food" for humans and bees, but for yeast it's a food desert. Fermentation without nutrients can be very slow. I add about double what the package recommends.

Honey may need acid -- references say the pH varies from 3.4 to 6.1, with 3.9 being the average, which is the high end of acceptable for a wine (IMO). I've not made a lot of meads, but each needed acid.

I have not added K-meta up front, but add it post-fermentation.

I recently started a metheglin and my notes are here. I'm also doing an "In-Depth" blog, which is here.
I haven't used agave nectar, but I don't think that the flavor would be the same as honey. By definition, the main sugar source in mead is honey. You could make a mead-like beverage using agave nectar and see how you like it. That's the great thing about this hobby. You can experiment and try anything you want.
When I drink booze, 99% of the time it's tequila. Everyone knows me for this. I have an idea to maybe start a Tequila micro-distillery business in a few years when I retire. Seems like starting with fermenting agave is a good place to start.
It produces a tequila-esque character. When Co fermented with fruits it is reminiscent of a fruit margarita.

It also has a slightly lower brix than honey

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