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I have been looking for a vacuum switch that I could use for degassing and have not used it for racking yet. Any one have a recommended vacuum switch and gauge?

As far as a vacuum gauge, they seem to be fairly expensive as a stand alone item, but if you go to Harbor Freight or the website, and buy the little manual brake bleeder they have, you can take the gauge off of it and BINGO; you have your gauge for less than most gauges alone, cost. 25.00 for the whole thing below.

If you do buy a vacuum gauge make sure that it is glycerin filled as it will not flutter on you and give you an acurate reading as well. I will typically will find glycerin filled vacuum gauges around 7-10 dollars (2'' round )
Another great place to find everything you need is Grainger if you have one close by. I went to a regular hvac store and paid twice the amounr of what grainger would have been.
I finally got around to making one of these. I tried it this evening and it worked fairly well with the exception of a couple of mishaps that were my own damn fault.

I was able to source most of the parts at a local Ace Hardware store. Instead of using the tip of a Bic pen for the vacuum hose to the carboy cap - I found a 1/4 barb to 1/4 barb connector for joining tubes. The barb sticks perfectly into the cap and allows me to remove the hose without difficulty. I also found some rubber washers to use as gaskets instead of using dap caulk.
I was wondering if something like this would work for transfering wine? This is originally used to change oil. In germany they use these all the time on diesel motors. I was thinking it might not be strong enough, but if it can suck a few gallons of cold oil, then it should work for wine. I was thinking about an inline whole house filter setup?? Brand new for around $25....

I have a WineCuum degasser that has a built-in vacuum gauge. It can pull up to 27"Hg:

Sorry - but I was cracking up when I saw a WineCuum degasser !! (LOL)
I believe that you might of been reffering to

It works off a venturi system using an air comressor to create a low pressure from the venturi - That means you have to have a large enough air compressor to run it and it is very noisy as well.
I am not sure is it adjustable or is all depending on your air compressor pressures ?
I do not see any type of valve to release the vacuum.

Here is the link to the original design -
* I like your set up. When I set up I first transfered with the vacuum end from a air mattress blower from Goodwill ($.99). To speed things up I eventually took a hollow bung, pressed a tube into the flat surface of the air lock hole, then placed the wide end of the bung over a vacuum cleaner hose.
* For what you have spent, I would have been tempted to just get a peristaltic pump. There is a 12 volt/ 500 ml per minute pump I asked Santa to bring. , , , , , maybe my birthday?
The only issue with a peristaltic pump is that is does not remove any air or create a vacuum. It will not remove CO2 and typically they are slow to use per say
Chiu, do you have an updated link for the vac pump? The All Electronics link is no longer valid.
Chiu, do you have an updated link for the vac pump? The All Electronics link is no longer valid.

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He did mention this in post 34
I've listed some alternatives in the updated article. The best DIY solution is to hack a car tire pump. They seem to all pull the correct amount of vacuum.
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I found this one on Amazon PUMP that should work.

  • 12V motor
  • 12W operation
  • 1/4" barbs
  • 0-16" Hg vacuum range
I was looking in case my pump ever dies.

Also might want to get this Gauge and the fittings, lines and all the stuff you need are on the Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought list on both pages.

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