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  • That is too bad we don't live closer. That would be great to go wheeling and then top off the day with home made wine. Life just doesn't get any better than that! Stay in touch. My wife's favorite color is red... and she loves our Jeep, so yours would really be an eye full for her. Again, thanks for your help with the wine questions. Love this forum!
    Hey, I was just looking at your Ramdom Pics and see you have a jeep, looks like it is a tj, I have a jk and my husband (who has a yj) and I with a handful of our friends created a jeep club. Too bad you didn't live closer.
    Hi Randy,

    an f-fack is nothing more than taking fruit juice and boiling it down at least 50%, this gives you a much more concentrated flavor that you use after you stabilize your wine.
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