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Yea I read that early AM today. Coulda fooled me. My grape and juice pricing ALL WENT UP.
Just because the vineyard sold it for less don't mean the middleman and retailer passed that savings (price) on..
$40 to $60 US per bottle? I think they did this to themselves. I don't buy wine that expensive.

I can BUY a 6 gallon bucket of fresh juice for that and that = 30 bottles :r
"Compared to 20 or 30 years ago, wines under $20 or $15 are of much better quality today. They're just better made wines." he said.

And so are the kits that i buy, and at $2-$4 per bottle an even better value !
plus its a fun, interesting, social and very rewarding hobby
A famous Dutch winemaker once said:
Wine is just grape-juice and marketing.

There are still a few that think that cost equals quality.. But with the recession, they are the minority. Sooner or later everyone will realize it's easier to sell a good wine for less and sell a lot of it.
Personally, when I buy wine off the shelf, I'm looking for something affordable and the bottle!
I'll admit I bought a Merlot yesterday that was only $7.00 and in a large bottle, 1500 ml.
I was surprised that although not a really strong tasting wine, it was decent and didn't have the acidic taste that sometimes kicks me hard in the gut.
Isn't it funny that nowhere in the article does it mention us rebels? We know the truth..2 funny

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