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Nov 6, 2009
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hello ,i have been trying to degas some fresh peach wine ,but it seems to be taking a long time. i am using a whip and a drill.can someone tell me how long i should stir the wine.have done it four days in a row.the airlocks are still not even.Greg
Howdy Greg. Are you sure that your batch is done fermenting? You should have a stable SG for 3-4 days in a row.
peach wine

howdy Brad Yes it should be done fermenting its been at 0.990 since it came out of bucket on 9-7-09. i have racked it several times since then.its very clear and i have stabelized and sweetened.
Do you detect the fizziness in your samples because a clear wine usually means that youve done a fairly decent job already but sometimes there can be resual C02 in there. When I degas a wine Im not stirring it Im going full bore just until the wine starts to move in that direction then full bore in reverse unil it starts to go in that direction and then repeat steps above and let it sit from awhile and then try again. Do not judge by foam, judge by very small bubbles rising from the bottom.
Most of use a degasser wand. It has a metal shaft and collapsible paddles on the end driven by a drill.
Thanks... I've been debating whether to make a whip or to buy a wand. I need to check the homebrew supplier and see who stocks them. I'll need to degas my apple wine before much longer. Thanks.

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