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Well, guess what @Dashwig, welcome aboard to the greatest place for winemakers. Get your questions answered and tons of advise.
Hi people, I'm trying to get in to write but for some reasons I have problems getting it through so unless this goes through it will be brief. I love my home made wine, the kits (mostly) are great and I prefer them to buying off the shelf. I am now progressing and getting things together to make my own, to start with from 'Ocean Spray Cran . Pomegranate' juice, I've heard it's great but to check the Ph, I have been trying to find a recipe since it's a first for me but so far no luck. I am still learning, but do you ever stop learning?
We never stop learning. You don’t really need a recipe. If you can find pH strips that’s a good start for making sure your must isn’t too acidic, 3.5 is a decent target, no lower than 3.0 and no higher than 4.0

A hydrometer will measure the density of the sugar solution must, a good target is 1.090. Your recipe may or may not get you to these targets so it should be used as a guide, or perhaps to make up a shopping list.
Hi people, guess what I'm new and haven't yet learnt how to get the messages through so here's hoping. I love my home made wine, better than the stuff off the shelf. I used to make my own many years ago, stopped, now started again. I have been using kits and I'm not embarrassed about that, some think it's cheating but they simply do the hard work for me is the way I think. I am going to start doing my own though, first the easy way by the 'Ocean Spray Cran - Pomegranate' Juice. I have heard it's great but to make sure to check the Ph but I don't have anything to do that with yet, I've seen testing strips so I may get some of them, trouble is in New Zealand it is hard to get any stuff out of the ordinary. I have been looking for a proper recipe for the wine but so far no luck.
By the way, the comments about the bags, I use them for some of the wine and they are good, quick, easy and convenient, but only the ones with both the tap at the bottom and a screw cap at the top, they are so easy. I could never get the taps off the so called reusable ones with just the tap and had to throw them away.
@Dashwig: Welcome aboard New Zealander to the WMT express. This place is loaded with all kinds of answers, tips, tricks and suggestions. One tip I will mention right off is get yourself a hydrometer, two preferably as they are fragile. Just don't look at them cross-eyed, they will shatter.
I have broken them, and I can be forgetful so I have 3 hydrometers so when I lose one I will still have 2. I always check the SG as required, I know a lot of information can be gained from that and not just the resulting alcohol %. I listen to all information from everywhere and much can be contradictory, I have learned to do what I think is practical for my needs and makes sense.
Well, guess what @Dashwig, welcome aboard to the greatest place for winemakers. Get your questions answered and tons of advise.
Hi to everyone, thanks for the great welcome, I didn't realize there were so many, I'll get used to using this thing. Meanwhile, any info is welcome, it may not always suit me, but a lot will, and I think there is usually some part of most techniques etc. which can come in useful at some stage.
Try reading tweaking whine kits


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