Damn, broke a carboy today

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Yes! I recently purchased three new Italian carboys from two different suppliers that all have this “crack“ on the bottom. None of my older carboys have this “crack” on the bottom. I asked Matt from Label Peelers to look into it - here is the response from his Italian supplier:
Hey Matt – We heard this complaint last year, so we had our manufacture test some samples. Below was their reply. Please let me know if this helps or if you need anything else. Cheers!

With reference to your report evidencing the presence of a sign on the bottom of the item in the subject, we confirm you that we received 2 intact samples. After an in-depth analysis of these bottles, we can confirm you tha the sign noticed belongs to the scissors mark (technically known as shear mark) that are employed to cut the glass gobs. As you may probably know, this operation is part of the industrial glass production process and the shear mark noticed is present on all items produced with this process to a bigger or lesser degree. Please be informed that this blemish is purely aesthetic and does not compromise at all the mechanical properties of the bottles that can therefore be employed without no restriction and according to the data sheet indications. The drawing present on the bottom of the bottle was realized to lessen such blemish.
Please feel free to ask should you have any further query.

Best regards,
Federico Agosta

Thanks for looking into this, and for sharing this response with us.
I just don’t use glass carboys anymore I moved to pure plastic they don’t break and they don’t have a risk of putting me in the hospital from glass wounds. I have enough risk in commercial winemaking with potential ways to get injured I just don’t need more at home lol.

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