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Apr 10, 2007
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hello friends, the good info on this site has somehow caused me to make a perfectly fine batch of sweet wine. my gallon batch made from peach/white grape juice concentrate turned out better than i could have expected. it's exactly what i wanted, a sweet wine drinkable RIGHT NOW after 10 weeks, i don't know if it'll get any better with age, it won't last that long. when my drinkin' buddies showed up for our weekly bbq meat smokin' marathon, they nearly cleaned me out.
this wine took us back to the days when we would put my old chevy on the railroad tracks, let a little air out of the tires, and drive across country, sittin' on the hood and drinkin' cheap wine. i've got another batch goin' now that's about half done. by the way, i don't recommend drivin' on the tracks, that was a long time ago.
anyone that wants to get into wine makin' and doesn't know quite what to do, just read this forum, you'll get the job done.

johnny bushmaster

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