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Wade E

Jul 3, 2006
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Well tomorrow I get to be one of the judges of Ct's biggest wine comp so Ill be tasting probably around 1000 wines. I wonder how much will get absorbed through my tongue and if I have a chance of standing up afterwards! :):D:sl:):s
I just cant finger out how you stop drinking when you come across an awesome wine,
Is this a competition that REQUIRES 2 bottles? One for tasting. One for the judges?
1 Bottle. The rest of the bottle goes home with and gets put in a receptacle with lots of heat and there was a lot of those 3/4 bottles to do so. I didnt take any home myself. It was fun and each of use asted about 45 bottles and yes I have a pretty good buzz! I just didnt have the heart to spit out wine that was decent although there were a few that did get spit out!

were you really buzzy after the judging Wade?


did your favourites win?

was the competition Wade? I am not to far and I would love to go to one of those things.
C'mon Wade

Let me know where you have these comps... I think these might be valuable for me to attend and educate my palette....
I belive the next 1 is in May at St Annes in Norwalk and the price is cheap and includes dinner with it. This is the one I enetered in, the other 1's were just to expensive at the time but i did judge the main 1 in Ct. a few months ago, that was a blast!
I do believe

We may just meet face to face in Norwalk. That sounds like a great night