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Nov 29, 2022
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Hello everyone.
I'm hoping to find some answers here.
For over a year, I've been creating wine at home, primarily blackberry, blueberry, and raspberry wines. I mostly sell them to a few neighbourhood wine shops. I have the standard 24-50 bottle wine fridges from Home Depot. But I'm thinking of purchasing a commercial cooler unit to use as wine storage; if I obtain a secondhand unit, it won't be too expensive and would provide me more storage capacity. I plan to keep the short-term red wines (1-3 years) in a wine cooler fridge and the more expensive long-term wines in my commercial unit. But I'm not going to draw any judgments.
I'm just getting started and would appreciate any advice from the experts. Have you ever used a commercial refrigerator to chill wine?
If so, what should I keep in mind when utilising one? Most importantly, will it have a major impact on my energy bills?
Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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