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Feb 21, 2010
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What is the best way to cold stabilize your wine if it is in a 6 gallon carboy?

Do you put it in the fridge, outside, etc?

What types of wine benefit from cold stablization? I have read that white and blush really only need it. Do fruit wines like strawberry, peach, etc?
Personally I never do. I believe in the 3 "P's" + I never had a problem clearing.
I usually age from 6-14 months
Very good juices will benefit form it like even RJS EP kits. White wines will usually benefit from it to. Temps around 35* for a few weeks is the best nd when its dropped out rack off the diamonds without letting it warm up as sometimes when warmed up some can disslove back into your wine.
All my whites from my grapes go through cold stabilization. They remain in the winery all winter where it gets down to around freezing. The wines drop the acid crystals within a few weeks. I rack off after about a month and a half, but it could be sooner. It is just too cold in there during that time to want to work.
I do mine in the basement - i can ctrl the temps between 60 - 75 degrees - but i can't get to 35 degrees in the house - and outside the temps fluctuate to much to do any good.

Any suggestions? Fridge - is there any kind of instrument or apparatus that you guys use to get the wine that cold?
A fridge will work just fne, turn it as cold as it vcan go to do the best job. 60-75 wont really work much at all, it may drop a little bit but if its dropping any at those temps it will probably drop a lot at much colder temps.
Yeah i figured those temps are way to warm for a cold stabilization. Now the problem is finding a fridge with enough room for a 6 gallon carboy.

Craigslist - here i come!!!
If you get a fridge judt for that then maybe you should start making beer and have a few kegs on tap!
Good call - haven't tried it - but ya never know!!

I do have access to a rather big deep freezer - if i use that with temps below freezing but a shorter for a period of time - would that work as well as doing it at 35 degrees for a longer period of time?
And if you FORGET? then you have frozen wine and broken glass. Get a Johnson controller.
You could just get a seperate temp controller for it like a Johnson unit or Ranco. i have tye ranco for my brewing unit.