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Aug 31, 2006
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Hello all. I have bugged George once already on this one so now I am bringingmy problem to the forum. I have an IM Green apple reisling that will not clear. the SG was in range when I went to clarify it lastweekand I checked it but am questioning my hydrometer, I bought a new one, yesterday. Anyway it has now been a week since adding the clarifiers and the wine is still very cloudy. I called George who suggested superkleer and after a quick 30 min trip I put this into the wine yesterday with no obvious change. Any suggestions?? Thanks
have you degassed it yet at 75 degrees? If there is C02 in it, it won't clear well. Sometimes apple takes a bit longer to clear also because of the pectins in it. Make sure it is degassed well before panicking. Also if it isn't in the mid 70's it won't degas as well.
Give it more time. I recently went through this same problem with a Peach Ice wine from W.E. It took a few weeks for the SuperKleer to dp its job but it cleared it up nicely after the W.E. fining agent failed big time. Usually the SuperKleer works in a few days but for some reason these W.E kits can be troublesome.
Thank you both so much, I feel so much better. I think I will try to degas again as there were some bubbles when I added the superkleer and then I will wait. You guys always manage to make me feel better
Cindy, I just bottled a Green Apple Reisling and it took a long time to clear. It is so easy to see cloudiness in this wine that it seems to take longer than other wines.
Thanks Pete, I do feel better. I just had my husband with his drill mix things up as it was possible I did not degas well enough and it is 75 degrees in my house where it may not have been 10 days ago, now I will just wait toclear. Now I have to decide what kitto start next, my other reisling, nah, the WE New Z gertz that I got a few weeks ago or the order I got today and have not opened. Decisions,decisions. I think I need to open that box
uh oh, The box has the RJ Steep slope German Muller Thurgau. I think that wins. I am going to start that now.
Well my three year old daughterhad different ideas for my time todayso I will probably not start this for a few days as I will not have time until the weekend. The green apple does look different since the stirring so maybe it will be OK.
Oh, it will be ok, trust me. Im not sure what it is but the W.E. whites always give me problems clearing but always come out great.Im not so thrilled with their reds myself though as far as flavor and body goes except with the Crushendos. Ive never made 1 of those yet but have tasted 4 and they were all great.
I prefer whites and have made several of WE whites and never had this problem before. Of course I only have made about a dozen kits so I do not have a ton of experience. They have all cleared beautifully. i guess I should be greatful that I have not had any other problems. Thanks to all for your help
Ok so this is slooooowly clearing. My next question is, I have a second one of the same kit, should I do everything the same or should I add the superkleer when I add the other clearing agents to save myself that week of waiting.
I dont know what it is lately but there have been a few people having problems with clearing the W.E white wines lately especially the Peach Ice wine. Ive seen this on a few forums now and a few actually thought that the Peach was supposed to be hazy before I emailed Linda @ W.E. and she said it wasnt which I figured it wasnt and refused to believe that. I would either just wait like you did or substitute it for another clearing agent but i will add the SuperKleer didnt work as usual either and took a few weeks instead of the few days as normal.