Cider fermentation finished ?

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Jul 24, 2022
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New York
Brand new to this
25L apple juice was pressed on 13th September
Yeast added and all started fermenting
so 5 days later the bubbling has stopped
Is this too soon do i need to add more yeast
Tested SG and its 1000
Wanted a sweeter cider if possible
what are my next steps please
have 5 Demijohns clean and ready
Any advice
Everything sounds like it is likely okay.

No, 5 days is not too soon. Sounds about right. If your SG is 1.000, it is almost finished. You should transfer ("rack") the cider now into the smaller glass vessels. You should fill them up to near the top of the vessel, so there is not a lot of air ("headspace") left in the vessel. Ideally, you would put an airlock on each vessel.

To get a sweeter cider, you will have to wait until fermentation is finished and the cider is clear (if desired). Then add potassium sorbate (to inhibit further fermentation) and sugar or simple syrup to sweeten to taste.
Strongly agree with Sour_Grapes, leolaquitzon. But the challenge is if you prefer your cider to be sparkling: you can't really sweeten and prime unless you want to use unfermentable sugars to sweeten. Stabilizing to sweeten with fermentable sugars, will kill the yeast so you cannot prime unless you force carbonate.

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