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Oct 30, 2014
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Hey, everybody!

I'm making the Selection Special Chocolate Raspberry Dessert Wine. Last weekend at stabilization and clearing, I ended up with 1.5 L in addition to the carboy, and intentionally didn't mix any of the F-pack with it. My intent is to let it clear and then sweeten it up using simple syrup without the chocolate raspberry flavoring. My SG after adding the F-pack was 1.016, so I figured I'd add enough simple syrup to reach that SG.

What do y'all think? If I do that will it just end up sugary sweet, or will it end up tasting like a standard unflavored port?

Have any of you made the WE plain dessert wine before? What was the F-pack made of? Simple syrup??

It's been my experience and I've done all theses kits to follow the instructions you can tweak but still follow the instructions,