When to add Chocolate Extract to Sour Cherry Port

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Nov 8, 2020
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Granite Falls, NC
I’m starting a Apres Sour Cherry Dessert Wine (Port) and purchased some Chocolate Extract from Olive Nation.

I’ve searched this site and am unsure When to add? And how much??

This is a 3 gallon Kit with a starting SG target of 1.119 and a fermenting area set for 75* target temperature.

Do I add the chocolate extract in the primary at the start? During The Chaptalization Step (Day 5-7 if SG is at <1.020)?? Or at the Clearing Step at Day ~15 (if SG is on track) along with the Flavor Pack??? Then how much extract for 3 gallons to get a Cherry Chocolate profile vs. a Chocolate Cherry ?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Feb 5, 2020
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I think the extract should be added shortly before bottling. I’m not sure how much you should add. I would try adding a small amount- 2 tablespoons perhaps, stir gently, let it sit for a day and taste, then add more. Alternatively you could do a bench trial with a 4 ounce sample but you would need to add very small amounts of extract to taste. Once you get a ratio you multiply to determine the amount needed.

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