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Jun 27, 2009
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ive been following the recipe that allie pointed me to so far i have cut up fruit added campdem tabs and pectic enzyme,just like the recipes says, but fermentation seems to have started before ive added the yeast. what i need to know should i just carry on with the recipe but not add the yeast or should i add the yeast as well
i started the primary on saturday morning by monday morning it was fermenting
please point out the recipe?

I sent you to a site where the finished wines are good..I never said don't add yeast.. grins

I would kill off the wild yeast, dont understand how the wild yeast worked unless your campden tablets are very old and not good anymore!
Using campden tabs for 12 hours before adding the yeast..Not quite sure why you have a wild yeast fermentation.

I suggest you pitch a commercial yeast into the wine.

A similar thing happened to me yesterday - I am using Wade's recipe for cranberry on the board (it's for my natal plum, which taste a lot like cranberries). So I used K meta instead of my usual campdem tablets.

12 hours after starting, when I went to add the pectic enzyme, it was fizzing (not really bubbling) and looked a lot like yeast does. I attributed it to the K meta working and putting off sulphur gas. When I added the yeast later, everything appears to be fine.

Has this happened to others?
i used 1 campden tablet as i said on the container but im thinking i might just leave it and see how it does, would this cause any problems
If you waited 24 hour after you added the campton before adding the yeast you should be ok. I would stir the must to introduce more oxygen.
I personally would add the commercial yeast. In fact, I would add a champagne yeast to this batch to help kill the wild yeast but still give a nice balance for a fruit wine. I use it a lot in white and fruit wines. You can ferment the wild yeast if that is truly what it is but you will not be able to tell if it will leave a desirable flavor profile or ferment to a desirable gravity level. But hey, if you go that route and just let it ferment, please let us know how it turns out. There are wines fermented like this on a commercial basis as well as many many Belgian beers.
im gonna give your idea a go smurfe and ill let you know how it turns out
thanks for all the help
fermentation is finished and everything seems to have gone well now only time will tell if it has
my wine has pretty much cleared should i bottle it now and hide it or leave it in the demijohn to mature
I wold let it age more in the demijohn as it will most likely drop more fine sediment.

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