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Jun 6, 2010
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Hi all!! I'm Steve from Virginia. I'm renting a house with a giant sour cherry tree in the backyard and have decided to buy some equipment and try my hand at wine making. My first question is in the fruit wine section.....please stop by and lend some advice to a rookie. :)
welcome!!! glad to see ya on here?? what part of Va r ya in?? i spent a few years in hampton roads...
You must be a navy girl then?? I spent many years there myself, but am currently residing up north, about an hour south of DC. Thanks for the warm welcome!!
Welcome!!!! I love Virginia beach are you close to it? Sour cherries sounds like a good start.
nope, an air force brat turned spouse LOL! were were stationed at langley but lived in HR ..... were stationed at dover now , so not to far away!