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Dec 4, 2009
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I'm making a red zin from concentrate. I have enough concentrate to make 3.75 gallons at my target brix (23-24). I'm torn between two choices:

-add water to get to target brix @ 3.75 gallons
-add water + sugar to maintain target brix @ 5 gallons

Is chaptalization for the sake of stretching my batch volume going to get me lower quality wine than the first method? Or does that just depend on what I like?

I'm primarily a beer brewer - this is my first grape wine.

explain concentrate? Is it the vintners in a can?
OK if you want a good body wine 1 can = 3 gallons 2 cans = 6 gallons. What ever you do make sure the gravity is right for the wine. I think Wade will confirm this.
If wondering how much sugar to add Google WineCalc and download the program. Enter your gravity and ant of wine U R making and it converts it to say how much sugar to add.
My brother-in-law tried these twice and both times they were nasty so I never tried making 1 but did taste his,:s Hopefully he did something wrong trying to make his cause he doesnt always read thoroughly!!!!!!!! Hes not a very good wine maker.

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