Can I sulfite tonight, and sorbate tomorrow night?

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Mar 16, 2009
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Somehow, I never bought any K-sorbate, but have K-meta and my super-clear.

Can I just add the sulfite tonight with the super-cleer, and then degas one more time tomorrow whilst I mix in some sorbate?

I figure its probably not a problem but wanted to ask. I need to get this in the bottle so all my brewing/vintering stuff can go into storage, as we are selling the house.
You could ad the sulfite tonight but I wouldnt add the fining agent tonight and then stir it all up again tomorrow night. These ingredients do not have to be added together but sorbate should always be added when the wine has a decent amount of free S02 which your wine will have for a month or two. I would add thye sulfite tonight and the rest tomorrow or just wait till tomorrow for everything so you dont have to sanitize twice.
Like what Wade said no need to do both right away.
Wine making has no "Timetable / Schedule" in adding chemicals like k-meta / sorbate. In other words waiting a few days to a week will not make any difference.
BTW What are you making?
I'm making the easy 'frozen juice concentrate' recipe...i think wade posted it.

Unfortunately, I'd already added the D1 packet of supercleer when I realized I didn't have sorbate (poor planning on my part, I know), so I did add the finings.

perhaps then, I'll just sorbate at bottling by dissolving it in some water and then racking onto that solution in my bucket when I bottle. I do this for the priming sugar when bottling beer, and its always an even carbonation because the racking will gently mix it into the beer.

this whole selling of the house business has my mind fried. I could've sworn I'd bought potassium sorbate and sulfite at my last trip to the LHBS.

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