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Nov 12, 2009
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Hi all,

Wanted to let you all know that I've crated an iPhone-optimized mobile version of for all you hipsters who want to calculate adds on your phones.

It looks and feels like an app, but it's not... it runs in the Safari browser, so just go to on your iPhone or iPod touch and enjoy.

For some screenshots of the iPhone version check out ... and of course, feedback is always welcome.

Happy Winemaking!

Hi Stu, good to see you again. Personally I could care less about a cell phone, so that means nothing to me. Sorry bro, no offence.

Was meaning to pop into your web site and see how it was coming along. I'll do that this evening. Hope you are staying up on developing it, it is a great contribution to the wine making group.

Keep on keeping on.

As UPPER would say, "dig it"!:D

No worries Troy, using cell phones isn't everyone's cup of tea.

I'm hoping to add more calculators over the holiday break... Copper additions is the next one in the queue.

Happy Holidays,

Stu, there was a discussion in here not long ago about this copper thing. I admit, I know nothing about it, and probably never will have a need to know.

I do remember some of the discussion was saying how dangerous and deadly copper can be. Please be sure you post( in you web site),and here too, is accurate info regarding this.

I don't know what your backround is, but I trust anything you post(in your website), and here too, has proof behind it, and if you quote or use someone elses' research, that it is clearly and accurately cited.

Happy Holidays down your way to, Stu.

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Copper (sulfate) does pose some health risks, though they are relatively minor.

The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association, the group that standarzises safety warnings with the blue, red yellow and white diamonds) rates Copper Sulfate as a "1" health risk, meaning "Exposure would cause irritation with only minor residual injury." This is the same safety warning as KMBS (potassium metabisulfite, something most winemakers are familiar with.)

All chemicals, even those that are "safe", need to be handled responsibly and with knowledge of the safety risks they bring. This not only goes for the risks posed to humans, but also the disposal risks and potential harm to landfills/streams/etc.

Hi Stu,

I use and love the android product by google. Any chance you are going to make it available there too? It is an open source software supporter so I am sure you could easily make it happen there. I know I would buy it
Hey Dufresne11,

I am looking to make an Android-optimized version available soon. It won't be a native Android app, but rather it will be optimized for the Android platform while running in the browser. This is good in that it will be free, but bad in that you'll need an internet/phone connection.

I plan to make native iPhone / Android / Blackberry apps at some point, but this requires learning Objective-C and Java (learning Objective-C is a work-in-progress; I haven't even cracked a book on Java.)

In the meantime I'll work on an optimized site for the Android platform... and I'll let you know when I've got something ready (enough) to share.
I'll have to check out your iphone friendly site. I'm always online with my iphone.

I am replying from the android now. Let us know on this forum when it is ready and I will pass the word along to all of my wine buddies. We are all wine making / tech people.
Thanks Stu
Hi Stu ,
Here is the best winemaking app for iphone with all the Enology calculators, just look for iWinemaker application on your iphone :), easy to use and very useful.

Thanks and happy winemaking !!!
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