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Dec 16, 2008
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Hi All,

Seven days, and 32 gallons in the primary(s)

24 gallons of pear, 10 pounds per gallon, sugar to 1.085, acid to .65, etc.
12 with Red Star cote des blanc...12 with Lalvin 71B
Everyone liked last years pear (just 5 bottles left)..so I made much more this year! I have a small press....although 24 gallons too much to process...so I pulped it all.

8 gallons of Toka plum, 6 pounds per gallon, sugar to 1.090 (slipped) acid to
.65, etc. Racked the first 5 gallons of plum....it's beautiful.

Bottled 3 gallons of grapefruit friday....and hope it's as good at the first batch.

I way behind on the 80 odd gallons in secondary...and I'm out of primary buckets. 9 pounds of hard picked elderberries, and 3 pounds of really hard to find chokecherries waiting patiently in the freezer.
Yikes Main, you are now truly classified as obsessed!:D

What different results do you expect to achieve on the pear using the two different yeasts?
never had issues with lalvin 71-9. let me know how CDB works out?

So far...
The Red Star cote des blanc took off in less than 4 hours. The Lalvin 71B was bubbling away in the morning. The cotes is running faster...with the SG at 1.04 to the 71b at 1.05. Both have a nice head that I break down 3 + times per day. The wine store had a special. Three packets for a buck....so I grabbed the cotes in the bunch. We'll see if there's any difference...should there be?
Man I would like to see where all this is fermenting. Ahh the small... One can only wonder...
Pear Update

8-3 gallon primarys....too much at once! Although got to proceess when free fruit comes home. The difference between the yeast is dramatic. The Cotes de blanc has finished earlier, has more compact lees, and is much darker....than the 71B..... Interesting.

I wonder if there will be a significant different in taste?
Im betting the Cotes will have a better flavor, I find it always does for me.
Yea I agree. CDB is all I use on fruit wines. BTW I have a Pear aging right now.

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