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Sep 5, 2021
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For what it’s worth, I’ve used the Buon Vino Super Automatic bottle filler for more years than I care to remember and it has performed flawlessly until last week. It filled the bottles (water) without problem but then refused to shut off as many of you have experienced. (I always calibrate the filler using water and get the flow regulator dialed in thus avoiding any inadvertent accidents with my wine). I spent over an hour adjusting the regulator in minor increments to no avail. I noticed that the center piece (black knob that you push down to start the flow) was moving sluggishly at the cut off point and didn’t produce the crisp “click” it always had when it snapped into the “closed” position.
I removed the flow regulator, spring and 7/32” (close as I can measure) ball bearing and found that the ball bearing was rusty/corroded. (The bearing rides the center stem internally and controls the start/stop flow) I cleaned the bearing by rolling it around on 600 grit sandpaper, wiped it clean and put just a drop of olive oil on a paper towel, rolled the bearing on the towel and then reinstalled everything.
I adjusted the flow regulator until the center piece stayed in the “open” position and then backed off just a tad until the center piece popped up - ahhh, the crisp “click” I was used to.
I filled a carboy with about 3 gals of water, inserted the filler hose below the water surface, installed the filler head in a 750 ml bottle , depressed the center piece and established the flow by sucking on the overflow line. The center piece popped up in a few seconds so I readjusted the flow regulator in SLIGHTLY increasing the resistance and voila! Back to the old reliable filler I’m used to.

A couple of closing thoughts:
  1. Not sure how/why the bearing in the flow regulator corroded since my cleanings after use have always been just clear water followed by air drying. I was surprised to see the corrosion and even more surprised after “sanding” the bearing to discover that it was NOT made of stainless steel! Believe there’s a design lesson to learn here - are you listening Buon Vino? Use SS bearings in the flow regulator (flow regulator screw and spring would be nice too!) to avoid aggravated customers and poor product reviews in the future.
  2. Always “calibrate” the filler with water as opposed to your hard earned wine.
  3. Remember, the filler needs a good head pressure to work properly so be sure and have your carboy elevated sufficiently above the bottles you’re filling. I generally have about 3-4 feet difference.
  4. There will always be some trial and error involved when you begin so spend a little time dialing the flow in and then fill 10-12 bottles with water just to be sure before you start on the good stuff.
Hope this helps and happy bottling. I plan to continue to use my Buon Vino Supper Automatic Filler until it completely gives up the ghost - and then I’ll probably buy another one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!