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Hello everyone!
Jan 21, 2009
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I’m getting ready to store my last batch of wine because I don’t have bottles right not so I have a few questions. When you want to bulk-store the wine in the carboy, do you rack after the clearing to leave nothing but wine or is it ok to leave the “lees” at the bottom. If you do rack, do you top-off at that time? How do I properly bulk-store? Do I leave the bung and airlock attached or a bung with no hole? Many thanks in advance for any help!
I rack off the lees if there is a lot. If not much I don't worry. I use a bung & air-lock even though I have some sold bungs. I have heard off the solid ones popping out due to air pressure changes.

I am not fanatical about topping up. I know many people believe that the wine level should be 1-2" below the bung. My normal is more like 4". It's a decision that I make based on the exact circumstances.

Just make sure you add k-meta every 3 months. I would rack again before long term aging.
Great. Thank you guys. I don't know what I would do without this site and the excellent members
I too would like to bulk age some of my wine and first up is my stags leap.

I,ve already degassed and cleared the wine and then racked off the lees into clean carboy.I topped it off with some wine and now its been in the carboy under airlock for 2 weeks.Instructions say to wait 2 more weeks and then bottle.I would like to leave it in the carboy for a long time and was wondering if the k-meta i added at clearing stage would be sufficent to give me 2 more months from now till i need to add another 1/4 teaspoon?

Also because i already racked it off the gross lees it has very very little in the way of lees right now.I would be happy if i could let it sit for another 6 months before i racked it again. Is 6 months acceptable? Or longer?

Will i need to add 1/4 teaspoon of k-meta every 3 months?

How do i add the k-meta?Just dump the powder in and gently stir, or dissolve it in small amount of of water and gently stir in?
They recommend k-meta every 3 months. Most like to dissolve it first, other just stir it well. Your wine your call I say. I am wanting to try this kit(the stag one). I love Merlot and Wade says this is a very good one. Keep us informed about it and I will keep working on my wife ha ha.
Best way to dissolve the meta is to either just use a dash of warm water and dissolve the meta in there and then add to wine (I use this method if my wine is a tad low) or withdraw some wine and use that to dissolve your meta in(I use this method when my carboy is pretty full). 3-4 months is when you add k-meta and if there is no sediment on the bottom of your carboy then there is no reason to rack anymore.

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