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Jun 26, 2007
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What is the ideal Temperature for bulk aging red wine? White wine? The temp I have fluctuates between 68-72 degrees. I am afraid this is too warm.
I envy you, the best I can do is 75-77F. Actually your temps. sound about right.

When you say bulk aging, do you mean aging in a oak barrel? Also do you monitor your humidity for the wine? The reason I ask is because I read somewhere that wine aged in oak needs between 60 to 70% humidity to prevent consumption and frequient topping. Also, I age my reds at 64 to 65F. The higher the temp the faster the wine will age. I do not know if the higher temps will harm wine during aging. If I could get my AC unit to go cooler I would. I know the wineries I have visited like to bulk age around 55 to 60F.
No. I am aging in glass carboys. I've read conflicting information, some saying that you should keep wine at a cooler temp.(50-55) after fermentation has stopped to help clear and some saying that the warmer temp.(65-75) is ok.
At this point I really have no way of controlling the humidity. So I am hoping that the the humidity does not pertain to aging in glass. Basicaaly I was just worried that the temperature would rise too much and spoil the wine or leave it tainted.

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