Brake Bleeder for Degassing

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Feb 23, 2009
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This bleeder is on sale at Harbor Fgt for $19.99.. I assume this would be suitable to use for degassing wine.. Currently use the "whip" degasser followed by a vacuvin and find that it is very time consuming, and I never seem to get it all out. From what I have read you need to pull 22 until no visible bubbles and get it to hold steady for 30 minutes or so at 16.. BTW, to get that price you need to print out the price from the web.. Price in store is $24.99 when I called.. They just told me to bring a copy and they would honor the price. Luckily there is a store only a few miles from my house..

Link to Kit
I have used both the vacuvin and a mityvac hand vacuum pump. Both take alot of effort to get the CO2 out of a batch of wine. If you can, look into getting an electric vacuum pump setup like others on the site here have. Wades setup is a good example. I just cant remember a post to link to. Hopefully he'll read this post and provide another look at it.
My wine budget prohibits me from spending the extra $$$ right now, but will definately look into the electric pump setup in the future.. Wades setup is awesome!
I have the one from Harbor Freight and, while it works great, I just bulk age forever and I don't have any degassing issues.
That will work fine. I agree that you will want to use the drill mounted stirrer first though.
That will work fine. I agree that you will want to use the drill mounted stirrer first though.

I never use anything before the mityvac. And I don't find it requires all that much effort either.
I use the drill stir first, then hook up the bleeder I have to the carboy and keep the vacuum pressure pulled whenever I walk by or check on it for a couple days (for my last batch). When it stops losing vacuum pressure and holds around 15 to 17 (suggested pressure by others on here) I know it's done. Love my bleeder and it has taken the guesswork out of whether it's done or whether I need to do too much stirring and oxidation.