Bottling wines with a kegging system

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Oct 24, 2016
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Anyone here using a forced transfer system to bottle your wines? Planning to give it a shot this weekend. Will be filtering my wines into a keg and using my kegerator system to bottle by putting the co2 on as low as it will go. Will be taking my tap system totally apart and sanitizing everything prior to bottling. Question I have is, I wanted to attach the tubing to my kegerator tap and put my bottling wand at the end and just leave my tap forward while bottling. Will this give me any problems at a low pressure? (For example, bottling wand being pushed out of the tubing due to the pressure?) free best ringtones

I do have an extra liquid out post and could set up a tube and bottling wand to attach to it but thought having it clamped to my keg faucet and being able to shut it off in case of a problem might be smarter.
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Not sure what your set up will look like with the bottling wand. I do not think that bottling wands are meant to deal with any kind of pressure.

Question: Are you not concerned that your wine might become carbonated when using a pressurized CO2 system?
I'm wondering the same as JohnT about carbonating your wine.
As long as the pressure is low enough, I don't see why it would be a problem. What size tubing are you planning on using? Are the bottling wand and keg faucet the same diameter? If you're concerned, you could put a little clamp where the bottling wand is attached to the tubing.

That said, I don't see much risk in using the liquid out post method. Give it a try with some sanitizer solution as a test if you're concerned. You might have been planning on doing that anyway.

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