Cleaning aging kegs between wine batches

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Jim Welch

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Feb 25, 2019
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I am looking for advice on cleaning my kegs between batches of wine. I’ve been bottling wines I’ve aged in my corny kegs and wondering if a complete tear down is needed like it can be between batches of beer.
With beer kegs I’ve always let them accumulate until I have 10 or so and completely break them down and clean every nook and cranny of the posts, poppets, lid, and air/liquid tubes then cleaning the keg itself with my MacGuyver Industries keg cleaner using PBW followed by a thorough rinse. Then I reassemble them, fill one with 5 gallons of Star San and force transfer through all of them leaving them clean, sanitized, and pressurized with Nitrogen.
I’m wondering if I could get away with running a Meta K solution through them and skip the tear down since wine doesn’t generally leave anywhere near the amount of solids a beer can drop over time.
To those of you who use kegs to age how do you clean/prepare your kegs between wine batches?
I’m using corny kegs btw.
I clean my cornys for wine and sanke kegs for wine by rinsing (PBW if necessary) and Star San. I worry that Kmeta may react with the stainless. Just me. I do use milk stone remover if there appears to be any beer stone in the kegs.

No breakdown should be needed. In fact, I don't break down the cornys as much as you. I do clean and sanitize the kegs, poppets lids dip tubes.