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May 22, 2022
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I have read articles from experts stating that wine shouldn't be racked to a corny keg until it is ready for drinking because there will be no further aging due to lack of oxygen exposure. The implication is that reactions will be reductive and lead to potentially off flavors, or at the very least greatly reduce favorable reactions between alcohol and acids. That makes sense for a commercial winery aging in stainless vessels because they can nearly perfectly purge the vessels of oxygen. But my purging (unless I really go to town with the argon) is likely to be far less perfect such that some amount of oxygen mixes with the argon. I am wondering how different the impact of a small amount of oxygen in the headspace of a carboy is compared to the small amount of oxygen likely to be left in a corny keg after, say, 3 purges.
I would appreciate any feedback from folks who have aged red wines over extended periods in corny kegs with good results.

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